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New Mornings


Few things have changed since I’ve flew across the world. Language first, obviously. My brain is turning into new habits. Habits of an imperfect English speaker. Suddenly my first thought when I wake up pop in this childish approximate English.I count my days left in Sydney in English. I count my money left  English. Well, for both it’s so easy that it’s almost nothing. Time runs faster than I do; my first day cruising in Bondi was yesterday, whereas I have to live tomorrow !

Whenever, daytime starts very early in here. Sun is up and warming us up from 5.30 This is the best moment to enjoy it. City is not fully awaken yet, carpenters haven’t start their noisy hard work, shops and bakeries doors are half open. Here are your last few minutes left of silence. Only birds and ocean sing.

When 6 o’clock rings, coffee time is calling. Citizen’s motion is on.

High skilled Baristas turn Marzocco machines on. They start grinding their chosen coffee beans, checking their soy-plain-rice-almond milk stock. Shia seeds are ready to serve, soaked all night in organic coconut, seasoned with local honey, topped with fresh mango and roasted nuts. Chaï tea is perfectly brewed.

Fit girls just go out from their Bikram Yoga lesson, sweaty, healthy and hungry. Stretching their tanned legs while waiting for green cold press juice. Well, here are Bondi girls.

If you wake up in Surry Hills-that can happen whereas it was not on purpose- girls won’t be wearing Nike leggings but vintage Levi’s shorts. A little less gym, a little more fashion. Same cold pressed juices loved.

Wether you are in Bondi, Newtown or SurryHills, Sydney morning cafés will always recover you from this mad hungover hitting your face. (Yes, some things never change)

Breakfast is sacred as good coffee is. I was used to Parisian expresso, that I could probably never drink anymore, or at least never call coffee. Little Cafes roast their own beans. Coffee in Sydney is serious. Baristas are obsessively efficient And passionate. And, indeed, you definitely enjoy your morning coffee in such a different way !!

This is not anymore about getting a shoot of caffeine to feel alive. It’s about taking your time to choose first. Expresso, macchiato, latte, flat white, cappuccino, mocha, copious, long black. Single or double shot. Soy or almond. brown sugar or not.

Then, take your time, taste it slowly.

if you’re not hungry enough yet, don’t worry. Any cafe you’ll decide to stop by later will offer you an amazing breakky menu. of course, some are better than others. But mainly, they know how to deal with scrambled or poached eggs, avo side on toast and extra crispy bacon. Homemade muesli, cookies, muffins and carrot cakes are very good standards.

There is no need to check reviews too much, as I used to do in Paris to avoid scammers of hospitality. in here, it seems that everyone wanna do it well. Comfort you with his food, smile, sweet beard and perfectly balanced chai latte.

Oui, c’est vrai, c’est parfois too much. everything si alright, everbody is over smiling, And kind, And helpfull, And ..what? will we really complain about it…?

Monday, 29 of November, 31 degres. It’s almost 9am and you’re late for Sydney. You painfully open your eyes, sun hit you through the curtains, fresh air from balcony just tip your skin. House’boys are still asleep. One storing on the sofa, one rolled into his sheet , the third one left at 5 to go fishing, or end his nigh on the boat ground probably.

On your way to grab the holly ice-long black, you cloudy remember Sunday at Rootstock festival, and all those delightful natural wines. Cruising on footpaths trying to remember tastes and faces.

You finally land on a comfortable bench at Cafe Con Leche, columbian-australian cutest place around. You stay for hours, watching local’s ballet in and out to get their take away fav drinks. When the young waiter brings your pineapple-orange-ginger-cucumber juice, you feel better already. In your bag, you notice this little notebook barely open since you arrived. And the pen fixed on it. And no more reason to not try new things, new skills, in this new morning.



Cafe Con Leche

104 Fitzroy Street NSW Sydney

Open everyday from 7am to 4pm

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